The tradespeople of Ironworkers Local 55 perform many duties related to the construction industry and this extremely hard and physically demanding trade.

Ironworkers erect Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, installing metal siding and roof decking. We also install stairways, catwalks, handrails, floor plates, grating, fences, guard rails and bumper posts. Machinery movers and riggers are Ironworkers that install heavy machinery and equipment. Many times the fabrication and re-fabrication of steel is an important part of the job. The importance of being a certified welder, burner and layout person cannot be overstated. The ability to read blueprints and operate the transit is also important to the members of Local 55.

Reinforcing Ironworkers, also known as Rodmen, place steel and post tensioning cables in concrete, as well as setting precast concrete into position.

Structural Ironworkers erect steel members, which form the framework of steel buildings.

Ornamental Ironworkers install window sash, metal curtain wall systems, ornamental and decorative structural steel members, doors and windows.

Because of the dangers of the trade, the members of Ironworkers Local 55 have a top priority of working well with fellow workers to ensure the job is completed safely, on time and under budget.