Unionized workers make up the safest workforce in the building and construction industry.

All members of Iron Workers Local 55 receive the latest OSHA safety training whether they are currently in the apprenticeship program or have been part of the professional workforce for decades.

Local 55 also abides by the Code of Excellence laid out by the Great Lakes Construction Alliance of Northwest Ohio in order to promote and bring out the best from our members on the jobs performed by our signatory contractors. The goal of the Code of Excellence is a job built on time and under budget, using the best skills, safety and work practices to ensure it is built right with the highest quality the first time.

Due to this emphasis on safety and quality, our affiliated contractors are also able to save money on construction projects since the trained workers they employ are better able to avoid costly accidents that can cause work stoppages, employee shortages and workers’ compensation claims.

Click here to view the list of contractors throughout Northwest Ohio that are signatory to Iron Workers Local 55.