The impact of Iron Workers Local 55 on the Northwest Ohio region is evident by the many bridges and commercial, industrial, bio-tech, governmental, educational and sports and leisure facilities that adorn the cityscapes of Toledo and its surrounding area.

As Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D-OH9] remarked on Local 55’s 100th anniversary,

“A look around our region reveals the accomplishments of Ironworkers Local #55 union members. Their skill and hard work gave us signature bridges, downtown skyline, the schools which educate our children, monuments paying tribute to our efforts as community and Nation. We owe Toledo’s City Hall, Ohio Building, Spitzer Building, Swayne Field, Toledo Museum of Art additions, Bell Building, Toledo Public Library, Acme Power Plant, Standard Oil, Pure Oil, Sun Oil and Gulf Oil refineries, Federal Building, Owens-Illinois Fiberglass Tower, Medical College of Ohio, Davis-Besse Power Plant, Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, Summit Center and the Valentine Theatre to Local 55 members, just to name a few of our region’s significant buildings whose frameworks were formed by ironworkers.”

We built this community and we are working hard to make it even better through our current building and construction projects.