Veterans’ Glass City Skyway Bridge

The Veteran’s Glass City Skyway Bridge, formerly known as the Maumee River Crossing is the Ohio Department of Transportation’s largest project at over $237 million. The initial designs of this project began in April of 1999 and the Skyway was officially opened on June 24, 2007.In addition to the visual appeal of the centered single pylon which contains over 350 light emitting diodes, this structure also contains a new cable-stayed cradle system with the 20 extending cables acting as anchoring support.

Ironworkers Local 55 was an integral part of this undertaking. With over 8,800 feet of bridge needed to span the Maumee River, hundreds of our Union workers spent tens of thousands of hours on this project.

Veterans' Glass City Skyway

Veterans’ Glass City Skyway

“This bridge belongs to all of northwest Ohio, and it will carry northwest Ohio into a future of new opportunity.”  —James Beasley, ODOT Director

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